Foreign editions

Mari Jungstedt's books are an international success. Her books have already sold more than 2.6 million copies in Sweden alone and 3,5 copies worldwide. They have been translated into more than twenty languages and adapted into German television shows with over five million viewers per episode.

- The Russian edition (Azbooka) of Mari's second novel, Unspoken (I denna stilla natt), is now out in bookstores in Russia

- Mari's 6th novel, The Dark Angel (Den mörka ängeln), is currently under translation in Norway, UK, the Netherlands and Spain, and will be published in these markets in spring 2012

- Czech Premiere: Mari's first novel, Unseen (Den du inte ser), will be released in the Czech Republic in spring 2012

- Mari has entered into an agreement with the Swedish e-book publisher Stockholm Text, who will launch Mari's novels as e-books in the US and Canada in 2012, starting with the 4th novel, Killer’s Art (Den döende dandyn). The first three novels are currently available in the US from St. Martin's Press

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